In 2014 Angus purchased the remains of the Urban Brewery in York which had been in storage and unused for a couple of years  and converted old out buildings which was used as an outside bar into a purpose built brewery, whilst Marian got the books out and began the daunting task of learning to brew (not having brewed anything more than a cup of tea previously) and to work out what all the great lumps of stainless steel were and where they should go.


We first brewed in Feb 2015 and our First brew "pickled pig" - Named because it was a pig to brew and was much stronger than planned took until 2.15 in the morning to finish, with customers in the pub waiting like expectant parents for the new arrival. However they still had to wait four weeks for it to condition before they could try it -  supprisingly it was clear and drinkable - much more than we could have hoped for.


We have been very well supported and have had some unexpected successes so soon. We have brewed about 20 times now and learning more each time.

We have just compleated a Brewery refit and will brew the first time this year almost a year to the day of our first brew - Feb 2016

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